Spring Cleaning Tips

March 20, 2018

It's the first day of spring so get out those mops and brooms, it's time to start cleaning!


Here are somethings you might not think about cleaning that you should...

- Your makeup bag - Don't forget your makeup has an expiration date. Using products that are out of date can cause infections.

- Your computer/phone - Go through the 1000s of photos and get rid of at least a few of them. Also take a look at your saved documents and see if any of those can go in the trash.

- Your fridge/pantry - I don't just mean wipe the shelves (which you should probably do) but also clean out any old or expired foods.

- Your medicine cabinet - You might be seeing a trend here... Most medicines have expiration dates. Chuck those meds that are past due.

- Book/Magazines - We all hold on to books or magazines we say we are going to read but know we never will. Go ahead and recycle or donate those dust catchers.

- Office supplies - Especially if you  have children. Get rid of those dried out markers, broken crayons and pens with no caps.

- Your diet - It was your New Year's Resolution that didn't make it past the first week of January, but now is the perfect time to re-start that healthy eating.