Exciting Baby News for Dan + Shay!

October 10, 2016

It's going to be a big year for Dan + Shay in 2017 and not just professionally. While the duo have been ridiculously successful on the charts, they've not been shy about their happiness off the stage. 

Dan has been all about the online PDA with his stunning girlfriend, Abby Law. The duo spreads goodwill by helping many four legged fury friends.

Cuddling pets, always.

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Shay has taken his relationship one step further. (Not that it's a competition.) He liked Hannah Billingsley so much he put a ring on it. And a beautiful one at that!

I liked it...so I put a ring on it. ------ I'm the luckiest man in the world. @hannah.billingsley I love you.

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Having met these two on numerous occasions, it's always amazing to see great things happening to good people. Over the weekend, even more great news was shared with the world. 

Gonna have a new band member in the Mooney family... -- 2017 is gonna be the start of our best adventure yet! Mini Mooney is comin in hot. I love you @hannah.billingsley ☺️--

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Congratulations to Shay and Hannah on the newest member of the band!