The 10 Things That Make People Think You're Creepy

April 8, 2016

 In case you're creeping other people out, we found a scientific study that's going to be useful.  Not for me . . . I'm suave and amazing.  For OTHER people.

A new study by the British Psychological Society found the habits and qualities that make someone seem CREEPY.  Here are the top 10 . . .

1.  Wearing strange or dirty clothes.

2.  Having pale skin.

3.  Bags under your eyes.

4.  Messy hair.

5.  Steering a conversation toward one topic . . . especially sex.

6.  Asking to take a picture of someone.

7.  Greasy hair.

8.  Standing too close to people.

9.  An unusual smile.

10.  Bulging eyes.

The study also found the four creepiest jobs are clown . . . taxidermist . . . sex shop owner . . . and funeral director.  The creepiest hobby is collecting something weird, like fingernails or insects. 

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Photo Credit: Kris Kasawski