74% of Men Love...WHAT?

June 21, 2016

Most men share a terrible secret:  They love mai tais.  And appletinis, and mudslides, and strawberry margaritas, and pina coladas . . . really ANYTHING colorful or with an umbrella. 

But will those guys order them?  That's a different story.

A new survey found 74% of guys say they secretly LOVE fruity and flavored alcoholic drinks.

But . . . two-thirds of them won't order them in public, because they're afraid people will make fun of them.

The survey also found 41% think the drinks they order are a sign of their masculinity.

On the bright side . . . that insecurity almost COMPLETELY vanishes once you get older.  Only 7% of men in their 50s or 60s say they care what people think about the drinks they order. 

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