Five Tricks to Save Money at Starbucks

August 9, 2016

Starbucks charges you 10 cents less if you bring your own cup.  Or you can get free refills if you sign up for their rewards card you can get free refills.  But here are five TRICKS that can also save you money . . .

1.  Make your own latte for half the price.  Just ask for a double shot of espresso in a venti cup.  Then add your own milk from the condiment bar.  The downside is it won't be steamed milk, and if they catch you they might say you can't do it next time.

2.  Make your own chai latte.  Just order a cup of hot water and a chai tea packet, and add the milk yourself.  Again, it's probably not as good, but it's half the price.

3.  Order a "short" instead of a "tall".  It's eight ounces instead of 12.  But if you order a short cappuccino, they'll still use the same amount of espresso.  Meaning you get just as much caffeine for less money.  Obviously your actual drink is smaller though.

4.  Ask for less ice in your iced coffee.  They also tend to add too much milk when they pour it.  So tell them you'll add the milk yourself, and you'll end up with more coffee.

5.  Split a venti with a friend.  You need someone else for this one, but if you order a 24-ounce venti and also ask for an empty 12-ounce cup, they'll usually give you one.

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