An Intern at the Vet Saved a Paralyzed Dog at the Last Minute

May 25, 2016

A ten-year-old Collie in Portland, Oregon named Ollie was having health issues last week, and suddenly became PARALYZED.

A lot of things can cause paralysis in dogs, including a fractured vertebrae, or even cancer.  But in this case the vet couldn't figure out why.

It got to the point where Ollie couldn't even go to the bathroom, so his owners decided to have him put down, so he wouldn't suffer anymore.

But right before Ollie was supposed to be euthanized, an intern was prepping him.  And while she was petting him, she felt a LUMP behind one of his ears.

Her name is Neena Golden, and she's technically doing an "externship," which is like an internship but usually not as extensive.  And it turned out the lump she found was a TICK, and THAT'S what was causing the paralysis.

Ollie's vet says he read about tick paralysis in school, but it's pretty rare and he'd never actually seen a case before.  But once they removed the tick, Ollie was back to normal within about ten hours, and he should be fine. 

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