A Mall Easter Bunny Got Into a Brawl with an Angry Dad

March 22, 2016

I don't know all the guidelines you have to follow when you're the Easter Bunny at a mall.  But I assume dropping kids on the ground and fighting with parents are both frowned upon . . .

An Easter Bunny at a mall in Jersey City, New Jersey accidentally let a one-year-old kid fall off his lap after they took a picture together on Sunday . . . and it started a huge BRAWL with the kid's dad.

Someone posted two videos where the Easter Bunny guy already has his rabbit head off, but the rest of his costume is still on.  And he and the dad throw punches for a few seconds before they're separated.

Then the Easter Bunny guy throws his gloves off like a hockey player . . . goes after the dad AGAIN . . . and they wrestle around on the floor until security guards break it up.  

The guy in the costume was a 22-year-old employee.  And we're pretty sure he lost his Easter Bunny gig, because the mall is having other employees fill in for him now.

He and the kid's dad both ended up at the hospital with minor injuries.  But no one's filed any charges yet, and the cops are still investigating. 


Photo Credit:  Flicker.com/ Ranjan Gupta

Watch the video here