Our Phones Make Us Stupid . . . and That's a Good Thing?

April 1, 2016

Have you found you've forgotten a ton of basic stuff because you can always just look it up on your phone?  Like, who cares about useless things like when Columbus sailed the ocean blue or your mom's birthday?  Your phone can tell you.

Believe it or not . . . our phones making us STUPID might be a good thing.

A new study found that by forgetting a bunch of facts, people feel like they're actually clearing up their brains to be more creative.

The study also found only 67% of people know their significant other's phone number . . . less than half of us know the phone number of our office . . . and only 10% know the number to their kid's school.

Also, three out of five people say they'd feel either SAD or PANICKED if their phone was lost or stolen. 

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Photo Credit:  Flicker.com/Toshiyuki IMAI