Scientists Have Figured Out How Fun It Is to Get Drunk

May 26, 2016

Finally, here's a study about alcohol that DOESN'T make you feel like you're a deviant binge drinker who's going to drop dead next week.

A new study figured out exactly how much FUN it is to get drunk.

The researchers used data from an app that has people report how happy they are at different times during the day.  And they had four years of data from 31,000 people, so it's pretty thorough.

They found that on a scale of one to 100, someone who's drinking is about four points happier than someone who's sober.  That doesn't sound like that much, but it's significant.

They also found that drinking doesn't make good times that much better . . . but it definitely makes BORING times better.  Like when people drank on their commutes or while they were waiting in line, getting drunk made them MUCH happier.

There is one catch though.  The happiness boost from drinking is only temporary and it doesn't make you happier long term.  And, if you become dependent on alcohol, you'll wind up getting sadder overall. 

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