Taking a Photo of Your Food Makes It Taste Better

March 14, 2016

I was reluctant to share this story, because it encourages one of the WORST social media trends.  But I'm bound to reveal it by my strong code of journalist ethics.  Wait.  Why are you laughing?  That's not a joke.

A new study by St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia and the University of San Diego found that taking a picture before you eat actually makes your food TASTE better.

Here's why.  When you pause to take a picture of your food and possibly share it on Instagram, the delayed gratification makes you enjoy it even more once you start eating it.

There's one catch:  The researchers found the effect only works with UNHEALTHY food.

If you Instagram your salad, it's still going to feel like you're choking down a salad once you start eating.  But if you take a picture of your chocolate-covered fried chicken, it'll taste even better once you start mowing it down. 


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Photo Credit:  Flicker/  David Pursehouse