Three Ways to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids

March 31, 2016

There's a photographer named Anne Geddes, who pretty much only photographs babies.  She's responsible for a lot of the corny pictures you see where a whole row of kids are dressed like a flowers or bumblebees.

Anyway, she recently did an interview where she gave advice on how to take better pictures of your OWN kids.  So that doesn't mean MORE pictures to annoy people on Facebook with, just BETTER ones. 

Here are her top three tips . . .

1.  Take pictures in the morning, especially with young kids.  She says you get better results that way, and that's why she always does photoshoots with babies in the morning.  Probably because they tend to be a little crankier later in the day.

2.  Crouch down to their level.  You'll get better photos if you shoot them straight on.  Otherwise they'll be looking up at you in every shot.  So with young kids and babies, you might actually need to sit down on the ground.

3.  Be as playful and spontaneous as you can, so they have fun.  Which is easy if you're just snapping photos while they play in the backyard.  But it's more important if you're trying to get them to pose for a family photo or something.

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Photo Credit: Killingsworth