The Top Four Work Emails That Waste Time

April 22, 2016

How much time do you waste reading emails at work?  And how many of those emails do you really NEED to read?

Well, a new survey asked people about it, and 17% of the time you spend reading work emails is wasted.  Mostly because they're emails you didn't really need to see. 

Here are the top four types of emails that waste people's time at work . . .

1.  Spam.  39% of people said they waste more time on spam than any other type of email.  Which is kinda weird, because how long does it take to realize something's spam and delete it?  Maybe ten seconds?  Apparently they add up.

2.  Emails you were copied on, but didn't need to be.  27% said it's the biggest time-waster when it comes to work emails.

3.  Emailing when it would have been faster to just TALK.  Like on the phone or in a meeting.  19% of us say that's the biggest waste of time.

4.  Long, rambling emails, 14%.  Which is kind of related to the last one.  If you have a lot to say, maybe pick up the phone instead.  Or if you DO send an email, try to be concise and not go on too many tangents. 

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