Why did a woman pull a gun at her favorite place for wings?

May 2, 2016

 I wish I was as passionate about ANYTHING in life as this woman is about chicken wings.

24-year-old Clarissa Gagum of Wilmington, North Carolina was at a restaurant called FU Wangz on Thursday.

And she ordered regular chicken wings, bones and all . . . but they served her BONELESS wings instead.

And she got so upset, she got into an argument with the staff . . . and wound up pulling a GUN.  She started waving it around . . . smashed it into the glass tip jar . . . and cut her hand.

She was arrested for two counts of assault by pointing a gun and injury to personal property.

The owner of FU Wingz says they've only been open for five months, and he never thought something this extreme would happen over a minor mistake in an order.

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