The World's Ugliest Dog Is a Blind, Incontinent Chihuahua With a Mohawk

June 27, 2016

Every year there's a "World's Ugliest Dog" contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California.  Usually the winner is ugly, but also kinda adorable in a way.

Not this time.  This dog is just straight up ugly.

The 28th annual World's Ugliest Dog contest was Friday night, and the winner was a 17-year-old Chinese Crested Chihuahua named SweePee Rambo.

She's a small black dog who's BLIND . . . she needs to wear diapers because she's incontinent . . . she has a blonde mohawk . . . and she has a sore on her leg that was oozing pus during the contest.

Her owner is a 44-year-old guy named Jason Wurtz from Encino, California.  He and SweePee won $1,500 . . . and he says it's going to go toward removing a tumor in her mouth.  See, there's someone out there for everyone. 

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