The Five Words We Mispronounce Most

September 6, 2016
Categories: came up with the five words we mispronounce most.  Technically it's the words we use most but have a hard time with.  They based it on how many people click the audio button next to a word online, to see how to pronounce it.

1.  Coupon.  (Pronounced KOO-pon.)  A lot of people say "KYOO-pon," which is okay if you're in America.  But apparently we're the only ones who say it that way.

2.  Mischievous.  (Pronounced MISS-cheh-vous.)  It's three syllables, not four.  But a lot of people says "mich-CHEE-vee-ous."

3.  Reservoir.  People ignore the second "R", and say "res-UH-voir."

4.  Prerogative.  It starts with a "P-R-E."  So it's "PRUH-rogative," not "PER-ogative."

5.  Espresso.  A lot of people say "EX-presso", but there's no "X" in there.

Another one was "quinoa".  (Pronounced KEEN-wah.)  Which you might know how to say now, but not the first time you said it.

Also, the dessert "sherbet". (Pronounced SHER-bit)  Some people say "sher-BAY".  And "sher-BERT" has become so common it's considered an alternate spelling now.

And apparently most people in other countries don't pronounce the "L" in "almond."  They say "AH-mund."

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