Great Advice from Happily Married Men

August 29, 2017

Here is some relationship advice for single guys from married men.

- “Find your best friend, because when the muscles wilt, skin sags, and sex decreases you should be with a person that makes you happy unconditionally.”
- “Desperation is the anti-sex appeal. If you are freaking out about being single and are desperate to get married/laid/snuggled, everyone around you can tell and will generally be less inclined to take you up on any of that, no matter how hot/cute you are. Instead, it's best to relax, focus on feeling good about yourself in other ways, and be social without the need/expectation of touching someone else's naked body at the end of the night. Developing self-confidence is VERY sexy.”
- “Ask yourself; do you want to grow old with this woman? Have children with her? Share every joy and sorrow with her? Do you trust her to put you first in her heart? Will you be happy with her as is for the next 60 years?"

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