Half of People Decide Within an Hour Whether They Could Ever Date You

August 5, 2016

When you want to date someone but they only think of you as a friend, you're basically screwed.  And that's pretty bad news, considering they BARELY ever gave you a shot.

A new study by Match.com found more than HALF of people say they decide within an hour of meeting you whether or not they could date you . . . or if they only see you as a friend.

And women make the decision even faster than men.

The top five reasons people decide they don't want to date someone are:  No physical attraction . . . they're boring . . . they have bad manners . . . your sense of humor doesn't match up . . . and they still live with their parents.

On the bright side, 77% say that it IS possible for them to change their mind . . . but it's rare.

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