Hometown Holiday in a Nutshell!

November 8, 2016

Hometown Holiday is December 7th at Showare Center.  Four Wolf artists on stage, together, playing and singing their songs, one after the other.  It's called a "guitar pull" and we gauranty they'll be having some major fun.   Get tickets at WolfHometownHoliday.com  Here's a quick overview of everyone on our lineup:

Hunter Hayes---a music prodigy who plays over 30 instruments and began performing in front of crowds at age 2 or 3!  Best known for Wolf hit's "Storm Warning" and "Wanted".

Josh Turner---grew up in South Carolina and had his first group in church, a quartet called Thankful Hearts.  After moving to Nashville, Josh hit is big first with "Long Black Train."  Tickets to see Josh at Hometown Holiday 2016?  Get tickets at WolfHometownHoliday.com

Tyler Farr---with his drawl you'd swear he's from the deep south, but no--Missouri!  He's also a classically trained opera singer too, who knew!  Dying to see Tyler in person on stage at Hometown Holiday? Get tickets at WolfHometownHoliday.com

Maddie & Tae-Met in Dallas where they shared a vocal coach. Maddie is a Texan, while Tae is from Oklahoma.  They first peformed under the name.Sweet Aliana. Pretty sure we like Maddie+Tae a whole lot better!  There first song went to #1: "A Girl in A Country Song" and our own Fitz calls them his "country sisters"!

Now you're completely primed on our stars for Hometown Holiday 2016.   It's gonna be a great night and you should be there.  Get your tickets now at WolfHometownHoliday.com