Jenna, Head of Security, Challenges YOU To #PayItForward

December 13, 2016

With the holiday season among us, most of us find ourselves wanting to do more to help others. There are limitless options and so many opportunities to truly help our community. With this our family wanted to shed light on food donations.

When I was a child I did not grow up rich. My parents worked their tails off to make ends meet. Sometimes to keep the lights on meant that we couldn’t afford other things. My parents struggled during the holidays and most times we found ourselves at the food bank. I can remember going there and hoping to find that someone had donated my favorite cereal or after school snack. I can remember always being so happy when I saw that the local baker had donated fresh breads or cinnamon rolls and the local grocery store donated our favorite soup and macaroni and cheese. I can remember being in the food bank and seeing dozens of families such as us. They are all struggling to make ends meet and searching for that glimpse of hope to make it through the holiday season.

As I have grown, I have always kept this memory with me. I have always vowed to myself to always #PayItForward and give back to the food banks that helped our family through difficult times. I vowed to help families as others did for us. With this, every two weeks I go through my cupboards and I find non-expired canned foods or nonperishable items that I know will bring others joy. If my pantry is running low then I go to my local supermarket and pick up items that I think another little boy or girl might like. I find myself purchasing items that I loved as a child in hopes that I can bring a little Christmas joy to someone in need.

So from me to you I challenge you to #PayItForward. Go fill up a tote and take it to your local food bank. Not sure where to donate? Here's a couple of places to help or where to drop off food….

Feeding America
Northwest Harvest

Happy Holidays from my family to yours,
Jenna, Head of Security