Jenna's PNW Adventuring Must See's

January 9, 2017

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I have had the privilege of adventuring through most of our beautiful state. Recently I went to three of my favorite spots to soak in mother nature's goodness and I thought I would share them with you. My only request is that anything you pack into these heavenly places you pack out, please. No littering!!!

First on my list the Carbon River. If you are unfamiliar with this area no worries because it's a hidden gem. Beyond Carbonado, about 4 miles, you'll come to a white bridge where you should pull over and park. On the north side of the bridge you will see a trail, follow it until you hit a a bigger trail. This trail is actually an old railroad track that leads to the old town of Melmont. Now the town is not there anymore but some of its standing structures still are. Here I am sitting on top of an old foundation that is perfectly nestled into the trees.

Second on my list is Roslyn. If you have never been, go tomorrow! Roslyn is honestly one of the coolest towns I have ever been to. The city has done an incredible job restoring all of their historical buildings and structures. You will find yourself in love with the old architecture but my favorite part are the woods. Whether it's sunny or snowing, the forests of Roslyn are absolutely breathtaking. Here I am soaking in all its beauty in my most recent trip.

Here's Roslyn's forest in the summer. The pine trees are like skyscrapers. The sound of the fresh pine needles cracking as you step on them and the smell of the pine tree bark is something that can never be matched.

I've saved the best for last. Highway 410 through Greewater headed to Crystal Mountain. This is my favorite place to go get lost for a few hours. It's an easy drive and the views are breathtaking. Hop on 410 and follow it past Enumclaw for about 45 minutes. You'll come to the sweet little town of Greenwater where there are an abundance of side service roads that you can go hike on, or sled, or just cruise on. This area of territory truly showcases all the Great Northwest has to offer.