Maren Morris KILLED Her Performance On The 'Today' Show!

Maren performed 3 of her songs live on the Today show!

March 11, 2019

Fresh off the release of her new album, Maren Morris performed some of her new songs on the 'Today' Show! 

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Maren celebrated #InternationalWomensDay by releasing her brand new album! Her first performance after releasing the new album, she sang three new songs! She kicked off the show with her HUGE hit, 'Girl'



If you haven't heard Maren's new album 'Girl' yet, you can listen to every song, HERE


Maren took to Instagram to thank her fans for all the support of her new album, and to share that even after all her fame, the support never gets old. 


HOLY CRAP. have felt so much love today for the album. seeing things like this never gets old. thanks @amazonmusic #AlexaPlay the album GIRL. ------

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DON'T FORGET!! YOU can see Maren right here in the PNW, next week! She is doing TWO, yes TWO, shows at Showbox Sodo! You can win tickets all this week at 7:10am with the #MWP

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