Apps You Need To Use According To The Morning Wolfpack

December 6, 2018

Apple just released the most downloaded iPhone apps this year.  The top five are pretty predictable:  YouTube . . . Instagram . . . Snapchat . . . Facebook Messenger . . . and Facebook. It got us wondering though , what are the best apps that not everyone knows about.

Here’s what the Morning Wolfpack came up with…

  • Weather Line – (Matt McAllister’s overpriced weather app)
  • Uber Humor – Funny pictures (Emily Raines)
  • Reddit – Used for entertainment and news (Slow Joe)
  • Waze (Joe from Longbranch)
  • EverDrive - is a pretty unique app it rates your driving every time you go somewhere. So you can see where you can improve on. (Shelby from Sultan)
  • Infinite flight! - Best flight simulator
  • Yelp!
  • HP Smart. - I am on the road a lot and utilize my phone for work. This app allows me to turn documents into PDF from a picture and send via email, text, etc.
  • Mematic - A meme creator
  • KG9E - Morse code training app.
  • Duolingo – Learn another language
  • Humor cast app - Weather with humor
  • Lucky day app - It's a game doing scratcher tickets, totally free. You can real money, it's small amounts but real money
  • SoundHound - If I hear a song when I'm out that I would like to add to my iPod for run ning... you open the app hold it to the music and it tells you who sings it. (Erika from Tacoma)
  • Ham test prep.
  • Marine Traffic - It'll monitor all ships that have marine transponders. You can save a ship to your own 'fleet' and get updates. I've got a ship that was docked at the port of Seattle saved that was hauling armored vehicles over seas to Korea.