April 5, 2018

When it comes to nutrition, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried it all…


*High Carbs

*No Carbs




*Fruit and Veggies

*The Cleanses


*Intermittent Fasting

*Portion Control

*Sewing my lips together (ok – not really)


And “all” is not totally accurate because I’ve never tried to be a Vegan or Vegetarian. Never say never, but I’m from Kansas City and I like my meat. Sorry. Not Sorry.

So what’s the latest? Counting Macros!! As in your Macronutrients. My wife just started doing this and she got me interested last weekend. So since last Sunday I’ve been counting my calories, weighing my food, and most importantly: tracking the amount of carbs, protein, and fats I put in my body.

Why? Good question.

For starters, I’m a cyclist so I’m always trying to improve my performance and the bike and my recovery time. I’ve also got to cut a few pounds now that racing season has begun if I’m going to keep up with these 135-lb 20-somethings I race against every weekend. Jerks.


How do you count a macro?

First you get a “Macros Coach” and schedule a quick over the phone consultation, because it’s pretty damn complicated. Mine was $40 to get all the numbers I needed, so not too expensive to get started. Thank you Jenn!  (Happy to share her number if you need it)

Next – download the “MyFitnessPal” app on your device and punch in your macros. Depending on your goals (build muscle, lose weight, climb Mt. Kilamanjaro) you’ll input your daily calories, and the number of grams you can eat everyday of protein, fat, and carbs.

The app is pretty amazing by the way - you can scan the bar code of ANYTHING and the nutritional info pops up, or manually enter the food for the macros. Of course this is all MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS at first, but I’ve noticed it getting easier because it remembers the food you’ve put in. But if I’m being honest, I was 15 minutes late to work the other day because I was weighing the ingredients of my Steel Cut Oatmeal.

You’re also gonna need a scale because you have to weigh your food…that’s right…weigh your food. Here’s a picture of the one I got from Amazon for $17 bucks. It works great.


For example, right now I can have 2,532 calories a day with the following breakdown:

189g of Protein

255g of Carbs

84g of Fat


When I hit my goal weight, I’ll bump the calories back up to just over 3,000. And keep in mind if you don’t ride a bike 10-15 hours a week, your numbers are going to be MUCH lower.

By the way the app also tracks your sugar, fiber, cholesterol, and a host of other vitamins, but the Big 3 M’s is really all you need to worry about.

Since I’ve only been doing this since Sunday, I’m not in a position to tell you it’s the best thing since we all discovered Halo Top Ice Cream…but I can tell you that I’m eating WAY MORE than I was before and I feel great. My energy at 5am is  crazy compared to last week, and my workouts have been really good this week.

By the way, Vanessa has been doing this longer than I have and her results are pretty incredible. She always looks amazing to me, but she’s leaning out and also feels great even though she was afraid of eating MORE food at first.

I guess the deal is that when you starve yourself, your body actually holds onto the fat it has to use as fuel and you don’t lose any weight. And adequately fueling your body can allow cortisol levels to reduce and your body to reach a better equilibrium. (I copy and pasted that last sentence from my macro coach Jenn, I’m not that smart.)

Counting macros also holds you ACCOUNTABLE for everything you put in your mouth, which is actually sobering.

My only complaint so far is trying to figure out how Vanessa and I are EVER going to eat out again. Or have the occasional Matt-arita. Sigh.


Send me an email to if you have any questions about how to get started!