Country Artist Name Game

March 23, 2018

Its time to play the name game! At some point we've all made anagrams out of our names right? Here are ours -

Matt McAllister – Mr Tattle Claims, Calm Silt Matter, Tarmac Test Mill, Calmest Arm Tilt

Emily Raines - Easily Miner, Mailer Yes In, Emails Rye In, Meanly I Rise


We also decided to play with some of our favorite artists...

Tim McGraw - Mac Twig Mr

Devin Dawson - Invaded Snow

Brantley - Bratty Rebelling

Thomas Rhett -  Hatter Hot Ms

Carrie Underwood - A Courier Drowned

Miranda Lambert - A Marbled Martin

Kelsea Ballerini - A Baseline Killer

Blake Shelton - Blanket Holes

Cole Swindell - Is Cloned Well

Keith Urban - A Biker Hunt

Kane Brown - Bank Owner

Maren Morris - Mean Mirrors

Chris Young - Chugs Irony

Dierks Bentley - Stinky Bleeder

Jason Aldean - And Also Jean

Luke Bryan - Near Bulky


You can attempt to create your own anagrams, here.