Dont Ever Say This To A Woman!!!

January 28, 2019

I recently received a comment on a picture I posted on Instagram. It was a throwback picture of me when I was 18. This was the comment that rubbed me the wrong way…




I’m so tired of being referred to this way so I decided to write a letter to ALL men.  


Dear Guys.

I want to politely inform you that you should never EVER refer to a woman as “thick”!! Regardless of you intention it is not okay. Having been called thick most of my life whether I was 115lb or 135lb thick. I can tell you it is not a compliment. Yes, my thighs may touch. Yes, I might have a booty. No, that does not mean I want to ever hear I am thick. There are better ways to inform someone that you like the shape of her body. Thick should never be one of them!!​ Even if you hear a woman refer to herself as thick, do not be tricked into thinking you can call her that. Thick has now turned into thicc with the younger generation but it’s still the same thing. It’s not something teenage girl who is dealing with body issues should have to hear. I understand some women do like it but why take that chance when it’s a sensitive topic. Go ahead and file it into the “Are you pregnant?” or “When are you due?” Just don’t say it, even if you are thinking it, just to be safe.

Best Wishes!

- Emily Raines