Free Advice Friday Update - Was Steven Being Scammed??

December 14, 2018

Steven emailed in a few weeks ago wanting some advice on "Free Advice Friday"...


Hey guys, I need some advice here on a Friday.   I have only been on three dates with this single mom who has a 10 year old daughter when I got this super long text from a number I didn’t recognize.   It said:

“Hey this is _____ and you’re dating my mom.  She has told me how wonderful you are so I’m hoping you might be able to help us.  My mom was crying last night because her car broke down and she doesn’t have the $500 to get it fixed.  I hate to ask, but would you consider helping her.  She just can’t know I asked you.  Please don’t tell my mom because she’d kill me if she knew I told you.  I hope to meet you one day.”

My heart is wanting to reach out and help this woman but my head is telling me I’m being scammed.  So maybe the morning wolfpack can suggest some ways I can figure out whether or not this is actually real.

Thanks in advance!!! 

-Steven in Dupont


The Morning Wolfpack decided he should call her and say his car was in the shop so could she pick him up for a date. This way she would have to admit her car was broken too. Then he could say he knows a good mechanic and wanted to take her car to him to help her.

Did Steven follow our advice? Was it all a scam? We now know. We just received this email from him.


Hey Guys – it’s Steven from Free Advice Friday. 

I just wanted to let you know I appreciated you reading my email on the show and for all the advice. Just to let you know, I reached out to the woman I’ve been dating and used your advice – that is to say I offered to take her to my friend who was a mechanic to get her car fixed instead of giving her the $500 her daughter had asked me for. I could tell right away by the look on her face she wasn’t expecting that, but agreed to it and we made a plan to get it done the next day. However when I went showed up the next day she wasn’t home and I haven’t heard from her since. 

To confirm what I already now know, I reached out to a friend of hers on Facebook and she told me in confidence that this woman is not a good person and is regularly scamming men for money. 

Oh well, lesson learned. Thank you Morning Wolfpack for Free Advice Friday and for saving me $500 bucks! 

Steven ​


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