The Golden Rule To A Happy Relationship

June 27, 2018

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban recently celebrated their 12th annivesary. When asked the key to their success, Nicole said the 'Golden Rule' in their relationship is, no texting. They never communicate via text. They either call each other or facetime. They believe texts can easily be misconstrued and lead to arguments.

We've never heard anyone using this as the 'Golden Rule' of a relationship and it made us wonder what other rules people use. We asked our the Morning Wolfpack to share their rules.

Here are the Morning Wolfpack 'Golden Rules' to a good relationship:

  • During a disagreement/fight NO name calling
  • No TV in the bedroom
  • Do not blame your current partner for things a partner has done in the past
  • Don't go number 2 while the other is in the bathroom that's our private time not even talking through the door
  • No opposite-sex best friend
  • Don't go to bed alone and don't go to bars by yourself.
  • Never use the D word in our marriage
  • Don't do dumb stuff
  • Always refill the Britta pitcher and ice trays
  • When one of us is upset we ask each other “what's your emoji?”. It help break the ice so we don't take it out or being upset with one another. No matter what it is we're supposed to tell each other.
  • Never go to bed mad. Talk about EVERYTHING
  • Try to not say "always" and "never"
  • Never hang up on the other person out of frustration
  • If you wouldn't do each in front of each other. Don't do it. Meaning if you won't text that person. Hang out with that person. Etc.
  • Never discuss important topics or argue if either person is hungry
  • Whoever sees the spider first in the house is responsible for its prompt removal from the premises
  • No phones while dinning out.
  • Always kiss each other and say I love you when you are leaving each other. That way, if something happened to one of you, you will always know your last words were, I LOVE YOU.
  • Always give a goodnight kiss.