How Pathetic Is This?

March 12, 2019

I have a tradition of every year or so I “Empty The Pantry”. Basically I don’t go grocery shopping until I’ve eaten everything available in my house. It can lead to some pretty interesting meals, but last night’s meal is the most pathetic yet. The good news is my pantry is official empty so I get to go shopping. The bad news is I had two dill pickle spears and a chocolate Easter bunny for dinner last night.


We wanted to know if anyone in the Morning Wolfpack has eaten a more pathetic meal than mine. The answer was….. YES. Here is what people have actually called a full meal…


  • Popcorn and orange juice
  • Sometimes the food options are so bad I sleep for dinner
  • Most pathetic meal... rice and tuna fish.
  • Melting ice cream to put in cereal
  • Mashed potatoes and green beans in a tortilla
  • One Eggo waffle chocolate syrup because I was out of regular syrup
  • Marshmallows dipped in pancake batter
  • Granny Smith apple, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce.
  • So I once ate an entire can of corn using Lays potato chips as my spoon
  • Pizza goldfish and red wine!
  • Canned chef-boy-r-d ravioli wrapped in tortilla
  • Pringle's and pineapple
  • Noodles with butter and ketchup.
  • I have dipped String cheese in salsa for dinner - Samantha from spanaway
  • Pirates Booty & frozen Greek yogurt bar. And this is often! Kristen
  • Eggnog and Kix... late January no milk last day before eggnogs expiration date
  • Ramen in a hotdog bun - Angelo from spanaway
  • Tortillas with peanut butter spread on them
  • A peanut butter, potato chip, and mayonnaise sandwich. Michael from Lynnwood
  • A mini Reese's peanut butter cup and a can of baked beans for lunch.
  • Stepson wanted chicken noodle soup but all I had was broth cubes and green beans. Mixed those and told him they were green noodles.... which he believed because he was 3. We went shopping that day.
  • Toast with mayonnaise dipped in hot chocolate
  • Sesame seed hamburger buns with mustard.
  • Canned spaghetti with milk to make a go farther for kids