Mama Knows Best!

The Best Advice You've Ever Gotten From Your Mom

May 9, 2018

With Mother's Day coming up we asked the Morning Wolfpack what is the best advice their Mom has ever given them.

For Matt is was "Don’t do drugs", "Never go bungee jumping", "Call me on Sundays", and "Never use the C word because men that use that word hate women."

The best advice Emily's Mom gave her is "Don't let someone rent space in your brain." and "Just be glad you don't have to wash their socks." meaning no matter how bad someone is, like a boss or coworker, at least you aren't married to them or live with them so it could always be worse.


Here is what our Morning Wolfpack came up with...

- Kaysee in Olympia - "liars never change"

- “Don't cook bacon with your shirt off”

- “Don't ever get yourself in a position where you need a man. Be able to take care of yourself. You want to be with a man, you don't need to be with one.

- “Everything happens for a reason.”

- "Pick your battles."

- “Respect women”

- Jessica in Kent - "Kill them with kindness."

- “Pick a job that will change the world, choose a spouse that will change your life, then raise a child that will change history.”

- “You can't let one mistake define who you are you have to get up dust yourself off learn from it and let it make you a better person.”

- “Don't date someone who wouldn't make a good mate.”

- Pam in Stanwood – "Never lie. It only takes one second to lose someone’s trust but it can take years to earn back."

- Ashley in Lake Stevens – “Life isn’t always about you.” and “No one can make you feel bad without your permission”

- Katy in Concrete – “Don’t date losers!”