Are You Brave Enough To Take The Vice Quiz?

July 10, 2018

Everyone has a vice... at least according to Matt McAllister. If you think you don't, or don't know what yours might be, here is a short quiz to help you find yours.


The Vice Quiz

1.     Do you drive like a maniac when no one’s looking?

2.     Is your vice lying about having any vices?

3.     Have you ever shoplifted?

4.     Do you binge and purge?

5.     What do you consider to be your bad habits?

6.     What is the last white lie you told?

7.     Is there something you’ve never told your Mom?

8.     What are you not proud of?

9.     Would you say you have a guilty pleasure?

10.  Do you do anything you don’t feel good about after you do it?


Alright, so what's your vice??!!??