Morning Wolfpack Life Hacks

September 13, 2018
  • Use hand sanitizer for an insect bite to relieve itching.
  • When hammering in a nail, hold it with a clothespin to avoid hitting your fingers.
  • After you finish painting a room in your house, put the left over paint in an empty dish soap bottle. It’s easier to store. When you need to touch up the wall you can shake the bottle and pour out the amount you need.
  • At a picnic use a muffin tin to serve condiments.
  • If you can’t keep track of which keys opens what, paint them with different color nail polish.
  • If you are at a hotel and run out of outlets to plug your chargers into, the tv usually has a usb plugin on the back.
  • If your tire is stuck in mud, put your floor mat in front of the tire with the tip of the mat under the tire.

In the event of a possible power outage…

  • Fill your washing machine with ice to use as a cooler. You don't have to worry about draining it afterward.
  • Leave a cup of frozen water with a quarter on top of the ice in the freezer. If the quarter is more than halfway down in the ice you need to get rid of the food in the freezer. The power was out long enough for everything to have thawed out.
  • Those solar-powered lights lining your walkway outside can come INSIDE and light your house.  Just put them back outside during the day to recharge.
  • Fill a jug of water and shine a flashlight into the side of it to make a large lantern
  • Fill Ziplock bags with water, and freeze them.Then if the power goes out, move them to the fridge to keep your food cold.Two-liter bottles and milk jugs work well too.
  • Alcohol swabs make good fire starters.
  • You can use crayons as candles.

In the event of a possible flood…

  • Put important documents in the dishwasher and lock it. It becomes waterproof.
  • Fill garbage bags a third of the way with water, and hang them so they line the bottom of your outside doors.They basically act like sandbags to keep water from flooding in.