The Morning Wolfpack's 12 Strays of Christmas - Day 3 - Sophie

December 11, 2017

Sophie is a sassy little Japanese Chin who has taken over her foster mom’s instagram page with her antics. The Japanese Chin is said to be a very cat like breed and Sophie fits the bill.  Her favorite places include arm rests and the tops of crates and chairs. She thinks she’s be a perfect replacement for the star on your Christmas tree.  She also loves napping on the back of the couch. Sophie enjoys strolling, caroling and and curling up in warm lap with doggie nog. 

Sophie lives in a foster home with 4 other dogs where she is the smallest. She is good with other dogs upon proper and slow introductions. She began resource guarding her people and food, but he fosters are working with Sophie on those behaviors. 

If you think YOU can provide a forever home for Sophie, please contact or visit