Neighbor Nicknames

January 29, 2019

Matt has nicknamed his neighbors the “Yellingtons” because they are always shouting at each other. We were wondering if it’s normal to give your neighbors nicknames. Apparently it is and the Morning Wolfpack has some pretty creative ones. (All names have been removed from texts to protect the texter from their neighbor)


What is the nickname for your neighbor???

  • I have a creepy neighbor we call Green River Gary
  • We have a neighbor we call Little Orphan Orange. She had terrible orange makeup/fake tan
  • I call my other neighbors sons of anarchy because they are a father son bike gang
  • I call mine Godzilla and trap house
  • The nickname for my neighbor is "The Crusher" because that's what his license plate says. His real name is jay. But to us, when we see his car it's "the crusher is back!!!"
  • We have poop patrol, crazy guy, the jerks and the slow walkers. We only talk to crazy guy who is actually nice, but when we first moved in him and his w ife, now ex, were crazy. Love you guys!
  • We have a neighbor we call compensator because he drives a jacked up truck that’s an overly jacked up has big tires is all of like 5' H so you must be compensating for something
  • Meth monkey junkies and creepy white van guy. Everyone looks and acts like they are on meth and white van guy is homeless but stays there occasionally. If you can't find him there he’s hanging at Walmart in the back of the parking lot.
  • G'mornin. You reminded me of my old neighbor. I called him " the toothless man-whore". Then there was the "Butt Kisser". And "bunny girl" and the bldg manager was the "crack head"
  • We call one of our neighbors "the crazy lady". Oh she is my mother in law and she is crazy.
  • We have Jane, the passive aggressive drunk!
  • Gladys Cravitz (the nosey neighbor from Bewitched)
  • Dog killer, he got this nickname because he actually killed my dogs.. If you ask me hes lucky this is his nickname cuz I could come up with worse. Lol
  • We have The Hillbillies
  • It's kind of backwards. My neighbor calls me alarm clock. I get home about the time he wakes up. He hears my truck, and knows it's time for him to get up. Ha. Said he hasn't set his alarm in about a month. Just uses the sound of my truck to get up