True Life Ghost Stories That Will Make You A Believer!

October 23, 2019

Matt McAllister doesn't believe in ghosts. I think he just needs to he can be convinced by the Morning Wolfpack. Here are just some of the creepy true stories we got…


  • I had little weenier dog from the time I was born, until I was 17.. I fed him every morning and his little nails would click along the hardwood floors. for a week after we put him down, every morning I'd wake up, and hear his nails on the hardwood. I shook it off the first two days, but he would also sleep with me, and I'd make my bed, come home later in the day, and my bedding would be all messed up, the same exact way as when he'd mess it all up making a spot for himself .. ghosts are very much real, but they aren't what most people believe.
  • Ghost story: I was in a bedroom in my grandmothers house and I had just taken a sip of water and then I screwed the cap back on the water and walked to t he other side of the room and about three seconds later the cap Hit me in the back. Plastic water bottle with screw top
  • I work on a psychiatric unit that used to be the labor and delivery unit. At the end of the North Hall we often hear babies cry. And the Room right across the hall From the nurses station, almost like clockwork we have had several patients ask us to please help the little kid Who is wandering around alone
  • Being a pediatric nurse, I was working a night shift one time and opened up a new floor, when I open up the new floor and sat down at the desk I saw a k id looking through patient door window smiling and waving at me. He ducked behind the door and I thought my mind was playing tricks with me, however about five minutes later I saw the same kid poke his head up in the window and wave again. I then went into the room and lo and behold nothing was in there and the room is pitch dark. -Gordon- Orting
  • Michael in yelm we're Renting our house from a friend of ours and his wife passed away at the house every now and then you can hear noises catch a glimpse of something moving in the hallway
  • This haunted house story is our last home. We were renting and the owners wife had died in house several years earlier from cancer. She had horses and we would see our horses acting as if someone was petting them, brushing them other things like that we saw. But the clincher happened the last year we were there. When we moved in we went through every cupboard etc. We went to go put towels away in the cupboard we had been in million times and all of the sudden something was there. We pulled out of cupboard and ended up being her mini harp. We had been talking to owner who lived out of state because we were little short that month. We told him we found this and asked what to do with it. He said he had not seen that since her death and it was anniversary of her death. He asked us to overnight it and not worry about the rent for month. We to this day swore she was helping us because she knew what that would mean to him.
  • This is Julie in Puyallup and I have a heck of a ghost story for you when I was visiting my girlfriend in Texas they have one of those big cedar homes and in the bathroom there's a great big garden tub it's attached to the guest room that's where I was staying I got there late one night and my friend said go ahead and draw a bath we got to drink and wine right after that I forgot about the bath and I sat up and went oh my God the bathtub Judy said don't worry they'll get it I said who will get it I ran in there and sure enough the bathtub had stopped right where it should have somebody shut that bathtub off while I was there there was a rug in front of the fireplace and every time we got up in the morning the rug was moved across the room we leave and go somewhere the rug was moved by the time I got home so my last night there I kept trying to figure out how she was doing it we had gone out to dinner for my birthday and when we came home all four kitchen chairs were on the table and the rug was rolled up like a cigar sitting on top of it
  • Our downstairs bathroom- the sink will sometimes be running. Like someone didn't turn it off all the way. But often. And I know I had turned it off. We call it moaning murtles bathroom
  • When I was a little bit younger I would see this man at the foot of my bed and he told me a bedtime story every night I never thought anything of it until I woke up one morning and told my parents about it and they asked me what happened to him I told them he told me that he died on mt baker in some year I don't remember and we looked him up and my parents asked me if that was the man I was seeing and it was he had died on Mount Baker with his wife and his granddaughter on the way home from a camping trip
  • When I was a teen I used to see an old Asian woman sitting on the foot of my sisters bed. I never said anything about it and a few years later my sister was talking about the Asian women that would sit on her bed and look at her at night. We decided to look into this more and we found out an Asian family owned the house before we moved in! Their live in grandma died in the house so we found the obituary and omg it was the same lady on the obituary picture that would sit on my sisters bed- Denise / Shelton
  • Hi Matt and Emily I am a skeptic like Matt is of ghost but there was one time when I was a little girl that my family believes to this day there was a ghost in our house. My sister and I had fallen asleep upstairs in our Room with our lamps on. A while later my parents heard a loud thump upstairs in our Room and thought we were playing. My dad came up stairs and found that 1 of our lamps was smoking and about to catch fire but we were dead asleep. Mary Lake Stevens
  • I have a ghost story. When I worked at a hotel, I worked nights sometimes. You could stand in the back room and see people on camera in the parking lot. Yet if you walked out to the parking lot, no one is there. Go back and check camera, they are still there. The camera was not on loop, the cars coming and going on camera were the same ones actually coming and going. Everyone who worked nights had that same experience. Some even had ghosts hang out in the lobby with them.
  • My son was killed by his girlfriend! At the time he had a little girl that was 14 months when he died! When his baby was 2 1/2 yrs old she would get out of bed everyday at 3 am and wander into the living room. She would be there in the dark for a few minutes then when getting ready for daycare every morning she would tell me how she saw her daddy and she would say my "daddy sat right here" last night!!
  • My younger sister when she was 2- 6 yrs had an imaginary friend named Betty Lusa. One day she started to tell mom and all of us that she had to go to Betty's b-party. So on that day of party, mom drove her al over the neighborhood and so my sister told mom to stop at this empty lot and my sister told mom we had to wait a while.. Turns out that a long time ago there was a farm and the daughter was name Betty louise lusa.
  • I am a nurse and had a patient passing away...her roommate was basically comatose and knew nothing as the patients condition had turned quickly. My NAC and I were in the room and the roommate sat straight up in bed unassisted (not usual for her) and said "leave her alone, can't you see she's going to be with the angels?" And gestured to the end of the patient's bed. The roommate did not usually speak in full sentences and usually needed assistance to move in bed. It was creepy!
  • Same hotel, manager walked in to start her shift. Overnight person was freaking out because a man had walked in, sat down, and the disappeared into thin air. She described in detail what he looked like. Manager made the comment that it sounded like her uncle. 2 hours later, manager finds out uncle had passed away that night.


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We will make a believer out of Matt!!!


- Emily Raines