TV Tuesday! What To Watch

February 12, 2019

Matt’s recommendation The Punisher (Netflix – 2 seasons – 1 hour episodes) It’s definitely a guy show. Tons of violence. It’s a Marvel comic offshoot but not too comic bookie.

Emily’s recommendationFriends From College (Netflix – 2 seasons – 30 min episodes) It’s for mature audiences. A lot of cussing and sexual topics. It’s pretty funny and an easy watch. Fred Savage and Robyn from HIMYM are in it.

Slow Joe’s recommendationOne Strange Rock (Netflix – 45 min episodes) A documentary narrated by Will Smith where astronauts tell stories about the earth through their perspective. Family friendly and very educational.


Listener recommendations -

  • Gaynor  - Good Girls (Netflix) It's kind of like a female version of Breaking Bad. Kind of a little bit funny here in that too.
  • Amelie – Once Upon A Time (Netflix/ABC)
  • Sammie – Good Trouble (Freeform)
  • Kevin - Informer (Amazon Video) Show about British anti-terrorism task force recruiting criminal informants to infiltrate terrorist cells in London.
  • Amanda - Inside the Criminal Mind (Netflix) A docu-series about the most infamous serial killers in American history.


Be on the lookout for…. The Act on Hulu coming out 3/20. A series about Gypsy Blanchard and her toxic relationship with her mother.