What Strange Thing Did You Eat As A Kid?

February 21, 2019

The Morning Wolfpack never

disappoints when we ask a random question.


Today’s question… What strange thing did you eat as a kid?

  • When I was younger I was obsessed with drinking Tabasco I would drink most of a bottle a day
  • Mustard and raisins. Sean in Olympia
  • I would hide whole sticks of butter under my bed and eat them before I went to sleep every night Mandi Puyallup
  • Cups of ketchup with a straw! Sweet and salty when the parents wouldnt let me have sugar
  • My husband dips peanut butter bread in SpaghettiOs. Lara - fed way
  • Peanut butter and cheese whiz sandwich Wayne Gig Harbor
  • My after school snack at my grandparents was pepperoni dipped in mayo (Ashley from Tacoma)
  • Dry cat food. My mom only found out and put a stop to it when I brought some to Kindergarten to share with my friends. -Melanie, Tacoma
  • Shredded cheese on a plate in the microwave until it was crispy
  • Peanutbutter and mayonnaise on white bread. My son likes them as well, my wife flat refuses to make them for us. Fred at JBLM
  • Dip grilled cheese in hot chocolate. I learned it from my mom!!
  • Mustard and mayonnaise sandwiches
  • I used to eat brown sugar peanut butter sandwiches as the kid. Tyler from Roy
  • My dad would crumble saltines in milk & black pepper. Would eat it like cereal.
  • I used to eat cheese ketchup and cinnamon sandwich's in elementary school.
  • Red jello and ranch Arella from Lynnwood
  • I used to eat french fries and sweet and sour sauce Eric
  • McDonald's cheeseburger & fries dipped in chocolate shake
  • Chicken Bullion cubes as teenager must have been salt deficient. LOL Darlene
  • Eating sticks of butter. I still love it. Just the next Paula Dean over here. – Sara
  • Chocolate cake frosting on saltines.
  • For a long time I would mix mashed potatoes, corn, and ketchup together. My mom, dad and brother thought it was really gross, but I thought it was amazing - Sierra from Fircrest
  • My little brother ate handfuls of dirt! As soon as he got out the door. We had to watch and keep him out of the flower bed. LOL – Lori
  • Fritos and peanut butter! So good, still eat it today. -Jen in Monroe, 38.
  • Miracle whip and cucumber chip pickle sandwiches.
  • Pickles + peanut butter + marshmallow cream sandwich! I still eat pickles and peanut butter to this day. Yum! - Heather in Lake Stevens
  • Dill pickle wrapped with American cheese. Sindy from Lacey