Your Parents Lied To You!!!

November 7, 2018

We asked the Morning Wolfpack "What's the biggest lie you told your kids or your parents told you?" There were so many great, funny answers!! Some you might even want to use yourself.

  • I told my kids the people in Target with the red shirts/vests on are "time out police". They were looking for kids who weren't sitting in the cart correctly and were acting up. If they misbehaved they would take them to time out. - Laurie in Lake Stephens
  • On New Year's Eve we would go sledding and come home and watch the ball drop. Little did we know we had the Eastern stations and my mom had set the clocks ahead. Sooo we thought we were staying up till midnight it was only really 9. - Shelby Vandenberg Maple Valley
  • My Dad used to tell me that if I pouted and put my lip out, a bird would poop on it. - Lauren in Renton 
  • My mom told me when the ice cream truck played music it was out of ice cream! –Courtney
  • Tasia- Burien- I told my daughter if she cut her hair it wouldn't grow back so she wouldn't cut it herself
  • I was a very picky eater as a kid so my mom would say to everything new she tried to feed me, "it tastes like chicken!"
  • My mom told me that chucky cheese closed down because she hated taking me there so much. I didn't realize it was a lie until I saw one when I was in high school.
  • When i was a kid I asked my dad what BS meant, and he said, "baloney, sir!"
  • My mother got us to believe that Blue Jays were tattletale birds. Every time one started to be around us we would tell on ourselves first so we wouldn't get in as much trouble. Little did we know the area that we were living in it was a very common bird.
  • I told my daughter she got her brother because she asked Santa for him. To this day she tells everyone Santa gave her a brother. She’s 8 and he’s now 2
  • If you swallow your gum you'll fart bubbles.
  • Biggest lie.... we told our daughter that her tooth fairy got fired for being such a bad tooth fairy and it's taking some time to find a good replacement - Jennifer in Bothell
  • I was told driving with the light inside the car on was illegal as a kid.. and I grew up thinking it was true told my kids that and recently just found out it was a lie at 29!! Haha - Ashley from Massachusetts
  • My folks told me when I was younger if I didn't go to bed on time I would stay short for the rest of my life Sean from Everett
  • My great grandpa told us if we played in the campfire with a stick we'd wet the bed. Justin from yelm
  • When I was 8, my parents told me that they took our mean hamster to a farm because we couldn't keep him. I found out 20 years later that they actually released him in a wooded area near our house.
  • My dad used to tell me that the poles in a hop field were baby telephone poles. ;) - Stacey, Puyallup
  • Told my kids when they were younger that eating chocolate would give them nightmares if they ate it past 5:00 so they wouldn't sneak it in their rooms and eat it at night.
  • One time my child woke up and the Tooth Fairy hadn't taken his tooth or left any money. After he came down the stairs and was bummed out I quickly ran up the stairs grabbed some dollar bills and sprinkled them down the hallway and wrote a note saying I heard somebody wake up in the middle of the night so I had to fly away. I dropped your money and forgot to grab your tooth because I was so scared love the tooth fairy LOL - Jillian
  • My mom told us we could make money selling seashells and sand dollars on the boardwalk in San Diego if we collected them. We would collect them for hour s and then sell them. Found out when I was 25 that she would go a few blocks down and give strangers coins and told them to buy from us.
  • My mom told me slurpees were only available during the summer.
  • When my son was young he won a fish at a fair and was so proud of it and took care of it. He had to go away for the summer. And asked me to take care of it. I killed it. When he came home I told him the fish got so lonely that I took him to the Fish store to play with the other fish and if we went to go g t him he'd feel lonely and miss all his friends. I didn't tell him till he was in his 20s what really happened.
  • When my daughter was little I told her the pond in the yard had an alligator in it and if she went near it it would get her
  • My dad always told me that girls can't whistle. I believed him cause I couldn't whistle. Maybe he was trying to make me not feel bad because I couldn't but I believed it for way tooo long!!! - Roberta
  • When I was a kid my parents told me if I swallowed the watermelon seeds I would have watermelon grow in my tongue
  • When we were kids, my mom would tell us that the Disney store in the mall was a museum and so we couldn't touch things in the "museum" -Maria in West Seattle
  • I told my son from a year to 4 years old. That the ice cream truck was "the music man". So every time we heard the music man we would stay in the house and dance dance dancw. It was a very fun exciting time that I shared with him. Until I married my husband when my son was 4 years old and he introduced my son to the ice cream truck man! #savingmoneynomore ~Theresa from Spanaway
  • I'm a nurse and have to alternate working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day every year. So when my kids were little and we would have to alternate which days we were having Christmas they would ask why Santa would come on different days each year. I would tell them it wasn't fair for them to always get their presents first, so Santa takes turns on which side of the world he starts delivering presents! - Gena from Silverdale
  • My son's preschool teacher told him that he would never be able to whistle unless he ate the crust on his sandwiches. - Robyn in Bremerton