New Music Monday ft. Luke Combs

November 14, 2016

Luke Combs is 26-years-old and hails from Asheville, North Carolina. He moved to Nashville in the Fall of 2014 and quickly began to make the right connections. From first listen, I was hooked on his single, "Hurricane." 

"Knew it was gonna be a long night
From the moment when
We locked eyes over whiskey on ice
Talkin' 'bout us again
If I woulda just layed my drink down
And walked out
I wouldn't be in my truck
Driving us to your house."

Just when you think you're getting over your ex, they come back into your life and wreak havoc. You're sucked back into all of the feels and despair and butterflies. Toss on your headphones and give this a listen.


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