Crazy Small World Stories!

September 22, 2020
small world

Everyone has a "small world" story, but the ones we got from the Morning Wolfpack are just crazy!!!

  • Alicia - My boyfriend and I met here in Seattle but we actually went to the same high school in Escondido California and I knew his sister in my class. He graduated a few years before me
  • Daniel in Tenino - I was in lacy Fred Meyer and heard my last name. It was a guy I served with in Germany twenty years ago.
  • Alyson - Sister in law lives in NC (used to live in Olympia, WA) and adopted a dog in NC. Received the old vet records with past owners name and location. Turns out the dog was originally from Olympia, WA as well. She did a FB search of the name and the previous owner was someone my family has known for 20 years! Now they are connected!
  • Shane in sedro Woolley - I lived in anacortes went to elementary school had a girlfriend for two years Amanda. Moved away mid relationship never talked again. Twenty years later, I hit on her in Florida at Daytona bike week. Ended up getting engaged. But it didn't work out I'm single now so lol.
  • Mackenzie - My husband and I were on our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and we met another couple who had just gotten married in Spokane Valley, WA at a church. It turns out we had just had a baptism for my nephew at the church right before their wedding
  • I was in a grocery store in Israel and was having problems finding laundry detergent when a lady offered to read the Hebrew for me. We got to talking and she was originally from Bothell, just down the street from the house I grew up in.
  • Andrea from Yelm  - While I was in Seaside Oregon I got talking to a guy across the bar and realize we were both from the same hometown and went to the same high school. We’re reminiscing about old friends without asking each other's names and I said oh my gosh do you remember Bobby I was going to marry that guy. He says I'm Bobby. We ended up dating for several years.
  • Kim from Auburn - This is a small world story that's also a karma story. When I was in junior high I had a home boyfriend during the week and a cabin boyfriend on the weekends. I met my cabin boyfriend's best friend who ended up being my home boyfriend's cousin!
  • Mary in Puyallup - While In Prague I posted a pic. I live in Washington and have a friend in Alaska. She saw my post. Messaged me asking if I was actually in Prague right then. Turns out we were two blocks apart in Prague. We had no idea the other one was going to be there.
  • I coached junior college for number of years as an offensive line coach and approximately 10 years after I had left the team, I stopped in at a gas station in eastern Washington while coming home from vacation and ran into one of my players who was my starting center. He was on his way home from Seattle.
  • I was at a travel agent conference in Cancun three years ago thousands of other agents, we boarded a bus to go watch a show and struck up a conversation with the lady next to me, I told her I was from Washington state she said oh my sister wants to go there what should she do while she's there? I gave her the usual and when she said she also wants to go to Vancouver I told her she needs to stop in Skagit Valley and see the sights and do some hiking (outdoorsy people). The lady in front of me whipped her head around and said did you say Skagit Valley? Turns out, we went to HS together she is a travel agent in Jacksonville.
  • I lived in a small town in Arizona when I was fourteen for a year and had a crush and hung out with this boy a couple times. Fast forward seven years, I' m cleaning my car in my driveway in Puyallup and this man walks up selling pest cleaning services. I had to cut him off mid sentence and ask if he was David from Arizona.
  • When I was 15 I became friends with a gal at school we hit it off right away and became really good friends. When it came time to try and hang out outside of school and our parents wanted to meet. It turns out our mom worked together when they were pregnant with us.
  • Rhonda from Shelton - When dating my ex husband 24 years ago, we had a family dinner, my parents and his. My dad who raised me went to high school with his dad. And when his dad was in the service my dad dated his mom before they were married. It was great to be able to reconnect the friendship of my dad and his.

We also apologize if the song "It's A Small World" is now stuck in your head.