Six Things You MUST Do This Weekend

March 6, 2020



1.  Change the batteries in your smoke alarm. -  You are supposed to change out the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors once a year. If you haven't done that yet get in the habit of doing it this weekend. It'll make it easier to remember when you need to do it next year.

2.  Restock your emergency supplies. - You have probably done this recently due to the coronavirus going around.  If you haven't or DON'T have one, put one together this weekend. Make sure to check the expiration dates and replace what's out of date.

3.  Clean out your fridge, pantry, and medicine cabinet. - This is a good time to de-clutter all your food, medicine, and supplements.  Toss anything that's expired or you're no longer using. Also make note of what's expiring soon so you can use it before it goes bad. 

4.  Flip your mattress. - If you want to avoid irregular wear that causes lumps and dents flip your mattresses. Some mattresses can't be flipped but if yours can, do it twice a year.  An easy way to remember is to do it the same weekend you change your clocks. 

5. Clean your fireplace. - You probably won't be having many more fires so go ahead and scrub it down. Also check for any cracks or obstructions you can get fixed during the off season.

6. Wash your pillows. - Your pillows get dirty even with pillowcases on them. You should clean them twice a year, or when you change your clocks. If they are over 2 years old, you should just replace them.


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