You Know You Are From Washington When...

January 21, 2020
Washington State

You know you are from Washington when.....

  • Anna - You have no less than 15 different coats! Rain proof, wind proof, snowboard/ski jacket, gortex, car coat, lightweight, heavy weight, and everything in between!
  • Sarah - "The mountain's out" makes perfect sense as a weather forecast.
  • Tonia - You sit in over an hour of traffic.
  • you have dogs instead of kids
  • Teresa - You see someone with an umbrella and you think “they aren’t from around here”!
  • Maya - The rain doesn't bother you
  • eating a bag of Dicks isn't an insult. Best burgers around
  • Christine - You can say words like Puyallup, Nisqually, Stillaguamish, Quileute, and Snoqualmie properly and know where to find them on a map.
  • Christie - You know how to pronounce geoduck
  • Jess - When you smell the aroma of Tacoma.
  • Alissa - Windshield wipers are the most important part on your car!
  • Flo - You live in "Seattle" because no one knows anywhere else
  • Jarita - Baseball cap and hoodie is normal attire year round
  • Anna - You reference Tacoma by saying “Tacoma aroma”
  • Desirae - Don't bother straightening your curly hair.
  • Frank - It's raining in your front yard but not your back yard.
  • Chris - You are okay buying a house without air conditioning
  • You go through using, windshield wipers, heat, defrost, and a/c on any one car ride
  • Jennifer - It takes you a hour to drive 10 miles.