What Are You Kidding Me Stories of The Day

December 4, 2017

Did you hear, Simon Cowell seriously wants to take better care of himself after he completely fainted and fell down a staircase last month. OUCH! OH BTW he's no longer drinking vodka and he's drastically cutting back on cigarettes, from 80 a day to just two.  So to be complety honest he almost killed himself last month when he fell backwards down a flight of steps in the middle of the night.  If your a fan of his he didn't die, but it was a wake-up call.He's on a massive uber health kick that includes MORE exercise, LESS drinking, and a LOT less smoking.  He WAS inhaling 80 cigarettes a day, but now he's cutting back to just TWO.That's FOUR PACKS of cigarettes, which is actually a logistical feat. What are you kidding me?  Let's say it takes six minutes to actively smoke a cigarette.  80 would take 480 minutes . . . or EIGHT STRAIGHT HOURS of puffing.It's especially impressive when you consider how many places you're not allowed to smoke anymore.


Did you know 21% of people say they wouldn't give up their seat on a holiday flight for ANY amount of money, according to a new survey.  But 3% would get bumped for just $250.  What are you kidding me? How much would it take for you to get 'bumped' from your flight? More or less than 250?

In Ohio, an 86-year-old woman in Ohio punched her husband in the face last week after he left his dirty underwear lying around.  He responded by shoving her, and they were both arrested for domestic violence. What are you kidding me? People please wash your underpants and don't hit people.

Something to make you feel good, finally a local police department in northern Pennsylvania stopped handing out tickets for minor traffic violations this week. I know right, whay can't they do this in Seattle??  And instead, they're handing out flyers asking people to drop off Christmas gifts for underprivileged kids.