What's Up With Country Music Anyway?

October 15, 2016

If you follow country music, you know there's been some controversy over the last couple of years about the "sound" of country.  Is it too pop?  Have artists like Hunter Hayes, Thomas Rhett and others changed what country is?  What about "Bro Country", the sound of Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindell and others.

George Strait, the "King of Country" certainly isn't sure where country stands today.  He says he doesn't recognize country today and doesn't really feel his influence in today's music, which is ironic, since so many of today's stars cite George as a huge influence in their music.

Add to that research at Texas Tech that calls "bro country into question.

Maybe we just need a little bit from the past mixed with some today style.  Try this mashup of 3 classic songs and a group of yesterday and today's biggest stars.