Do You Have Any Crazy Superstitions?

July 13, 2018

OMG today is Friday the 13th!
Do you have any cray-cray superstitions?

The last Friday the 13th of 2018 Be Extremely Careful Today!! Just kidding before some of my triskaidekaphobians (fear of Friday the 13th) get their drawers in a bunch --. Many people believe because I practice Astrology that I am superstitious. First of all, I think superstitions are stupid and Astrology has no base in superstition. There are several origins of how Friday the 13th got such a bad reputation and the number 13 itself. One of the earlier origins goes back to October 13, 1307, when Phillip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knights of Templar for corruption. The number 13 has been considered unlucky for thousands of years because Judas was the 13th guest at The Last Supper, who betrayed Jesus. There are also 12 Zodiac signs, Jesus had 12 apostles, 12 Tribes of Israel, etc. Only makes sense that 13 is considered a bit "off" the path...I guess. Friday has it's own bad reputation outside of the number 13, it was the day Jesus was crucified and it was the day the town hangings would publicly take place. And why is the number 7 considered lucky and is used in the Bible?? Because the number 7 represents the 7 original planets. Laugh at me and Astrology if you want, the bigger joke is on those that believe this nonsense. If something is fated to happen to you, it doesnt have to be Friday the 13th for it to pop off. So there. # RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #fridaythe13th

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Don't step on a crack. Dont walk under a ladder.

What are you superstitious about?

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