New Hunter Hayes Music

October 24, 2016

Hunter Hayes will be at our Home Town Holiday Concert on Decmeber 7th!

Here are some mandatory HUNTER FACTS;

Hunter was born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana on 9/9/91 to Lynette & Leo Hayes.  Hunter’s parents are Louisiana Cajun and that explains why Hunter grew up singing in both English and French.  Who knew???  Hunter’s grandmother gave him a toy accordion which was what he first learned to play at the ripe old age of 2!.  That set him up to start performing locally and at age 4 was on national TV playing on the Rosie.O’Donnell show.  Then at age 7, when most kids are in 2st grade, he played the White House lawn, where he performed for President Bill Clinton!

Hunter plays more than 30 instruments and was given his first by guitar by actor Robert Duvall at the ripe old age of 6!  This dude is MEGA TALENTED and we can’t wait for to see him at The Wolf’s Hometown Holiday!

CHeck out his new tune "Yesterday's Song"


Don't foget to grab tickets to see him on December 7th HERE!