New Josh Turner Music

October 25, 2016

Check out some of the FUN-JOSH-TURNER FACTS I found, don't forget he is playing our BIG SHOW on Decmeber 7th!

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Joshua Otis "Josh" Turner (born November 20, 1977) Yes that's his real NAME!

Josh was a CHUCH KID, growing up in and around the church, he founded a gospel quartet called "Thankful Hearts", where he sang bass. (The Really DEEP VOICE PARTS) in choirs. 

A few years ago in 1996, JOSH developed a lesion on his right vocal cord. This was a major scare for him and for his career. He was able to get checked out by the Vanderbilt voice clinic, where doctors advised him to let it heal on its own. Thankfully, painful surgery was not needed, but he did have to rest his voice for a year. That meant he couldn't make a living doing what he loved to do, SING!  When he was resting at home he learned a classical vocal technique and how to take care of his voice and avoid developing further problems. He mentioned to many of his friends that he "learned how to whistle really well during that year." Should we ask him to whistle at our Home Town Holiday Show on December 7th this year? :)

Check out his new tune "HOMETOWN GIRL" below