Want To De-Stress, Instantly?

July 12, 2018

Every veggie you eat lowers your stress levels, no joke?!?!?

But to be fair I have good news and bad news!

Good news, it's quick and EASY

 You'll have to eat like 17 pieces of broccoli or something green! ( NO GREEN SKITTLES DO NOT COUNT SORRY)

The perfect smile doesn't exis---. #worldsmileday #perfectsmile #rainbow #tastetherainbow #skittles

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According to a new study, every portion of vegetables you add to your plate . . . and then eat, not just look at . . . lowers your stress levels by 5%.  So if you're eating five or six servings a day, you'll feel a hell of a lot better.

despite what people say eating your vegetables can be fun

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The effect is especially strong with green vegetables (NO GREEN SKITTLES) oh guys you will love this, it works a little better for WOMEN than MEN!