What Is Your Halloween Costume This Year?

October 15, 2016

This is scientific evidence here folks so what's it going ot be this year? I found a great article from a REAL DOCTOR to explain your personailty traits through what you wear this HALLOWEEN! HA!!

According to Dr Elayne Kahn your Halloween costume reveals alot about ones personality:

Enchanting people, take control in romantic situations. Always honest about there feelings.


Suspicious of authority. Judge people by there actions, not by their words. Opinionated.

Movie Stars
Concerned about reputation, success. Enjoy being the center of attention. Socially active.

Sensitive to others emotions, self-assured, can laugh at themselves.

Often have a hard time understanding people's intentions.

Appear calm, but they're hiding internal turmoil. Have difficulty expressing themselves.


No Costume
You're afraid of criticism. Uptight, you have a hard time letting go. Underneath it all, you have an intense need to be accepted.