Worst Dressed Cities In America

July 6, 2016


Found on (Netscape) Instead of wearing clothing with classic lines in colors that match, these worst dressed people wear tight-fitting tops that show off rolls of fat. They not only dress sloppy, but also inappropriately. No, dear, midriff-baring tops and flip-flops are not proper office attire. So where do the worst-dressed people live thank GOD it wasn;t Seattle!? Anchorage. That chilly city has been named the home of the worst-dressed people in the U.S.A. by Travel + Leisure's readers in its annual America's Favorite Cities survey. The top 10 worst-dressed cities:

01. Anchorage, Alaska

01. Salt Lake City, Utah

03. Baltimore, Maryland

04. Orlando, Florida

05. San Antonio, Texas

06. Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas

07. Atlanta, Georgia

08. Portland, Maine

09. Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

10. Kansas City, Missouri