Wolf Blog: Hurricane Matthew & How You Can Help

October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew continues it's trek up the southeastern coast of the US, after starting it's impact in Florida on Friday.  Well over 1 million people are without power, and that will increase as the storm moves up through Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.  Hundreds of thousands in all four states are still under evacuation orders and if you know someone in that region, you can bet they are scared and concerned about their safety.  Over 800 people were killed on the island nation of Haiti alone.

Track the progress of the storm through The Weather Channel. 

The President has made sure FEMA and all other government agencies are in response mode to this storm, which would be the worst storm along the coast in over a decade.


There are several ways Wolf listeners can help with relief efforts in the Hurricane Matthew affected areas, Here's where you can find out more.  Or you of course can support the American Red Cross with a donation.

Keep everyone in the southeast in your thoughts as the next several days will be rough on many fronts.